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Support Forum » Downloads - Missing Files in Initialload Folder

April 10, 2010
by Isolator
Isolator's Avatar

Re: •NerdKits Sample Source Code Download. The folder 'Code' has sub folders of which 'Initialload' is one. I found that it contains only the files 'initialload.c' and 'Makefile'. The files 'initialload.hex' and 'initialload.o' are missing.

April 10, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

That's because you have to compile them yourself. You 1st need to edit your makefile so that it points to the com port your usb adapter is on. Then if you've installed WinAVR, just shell out to a command prompt and change to the directory that the two files are located in and type make. This will compile the program and transfer it to your nerdkit.


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