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Support Forum » Bad Programming Header???

March 14, 2010
by mrediske
mrediske's Avatar

I have had my kit for awhile now and am getting close to the end of a project. I designed a circuit board, had it made, assembled it and all is well. I changed the header pins on the display (for the second time)and now my project will not work. I checked continuity from the LCD board all the way back to the microprocessor, all connections are good. One thing that I noticed is the light that signals activity going back to my computer is always flashing. I can download a program just fine, but only get the two black bars when I try to run my program.

I also downloaded AVR studio and was playing around with it. Could this program have set something with the microprocessor for communication that needs to be reset? Could the programming header be bad? Am I doing something stupid?

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