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Project Help and Ideas » Serial Inverter PCB

March 07, 2010
by pcman0226
pcman0226's Avatar

I'm working on fabricating a PCB for my microcontroller that has all the necessities (crystal oscillator, LCD, voltage regulator, etc) built in, and a breadboard and pin headers for prototyping. I reverse engineered the serial inverter that came with my USB kit so that I can integrate it myself onto the PCB. I just wanted to run it past you guys to make sure I didn't miss anything. The 14-pin DIP is Digikey Part #296-2093-5-ND, correct? Also, the microcontroller will be used to gather data from light-sensitive diodes at some point, so I left off the Tx/Rx LED's.

Serial Inverter

I used the pin #'s from the datasheet of a DB-9 female connector, but I'm assuming it's standard (Top row then bottom row, numbered right-to-left).

Thanks for the help!

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