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Microcontroller Programming » My project at my local newspaper

March 07, 2010
by lcruz007
lcruz007's Avatar


If you are interested of the project I did last month:

You can check out the article published on my local newspaper here:

Please be aware that the article is in spanish though.

Let me know what you think of it. :p

March 07, 2010
by mcai8sh4
mcai8sh4's Avatar

Truly great work! Really impressive. Since I can't read spanish, I threw the article through google translate so I could read it. The translation isn't perfect, but it still makes sense.

For those who want to read it, here is a rough translation :

" Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS. Shigero not Miyamoto or Hideo Kojima is, but the spirit of wanting to highlight in the gaming world what about these great personalities of electronic entertainment.

With only 16 years old, made tremendous inroads in the field of programming and game design. This is Luis Fernando Rodriguez Cruz, a young Honduran, creator of the first video game console developed entirely in the country.

The project, which began to develop at the end of last year, is a reality and work to one hundred percent. But not only that, the device is already being discussed in major websites and forums of professional computer engineer, among other areas.

Under the name of Embedded Entertainment System (UES), the console at first glance looks like a Nintendo in the eighties, but its functionality is adapted to fashion that prevails today in this field, the motion control function.

THE HERALD now brings you an exclusive interview with this young man, a promise for the country in the world of technology.

How was the project?

Luis Fernando explains that this system comes with the intention to encourage other programmers catrachos to create this type of projects that promote learning skills in life. Similarly, comments that his main goal was to create a console capable of running on standard TV sets, which is something not so easy.

"This console is the result of a project to develop dreamed since I played my first game console," explains Luis Fernando very excited.

The development of the console began in October 2009. In the first stage began with the invention of remote control, which should work wirelessly in addition to being sensitive to motion, like the successful Nintendo Wii. Already in the final version includes three buttons on the control. Then followed a very complex stage, include video and audio to be played in games.

Cruz said that the difficulties encountered to create the ESS was the lack of information or literature on the subject in our country. But that was not limiting for him, and he resorted to massive consultation forums and websites to advanced users in this topic to achieve their goal.

How it works

The focus in this console is a chip that functions as a processor and running the same applications that have been programmed into it. The name of this is AVR, is famous because it is special for game development.

They are also working on several systems, one infrared control signals to the console remotely so that these are represented through the image presented on television. For example, if we move the slider to the left or right, this movement will be run on television. "It works through an accelerometer that measured by microcontroller movements," explains Luis detail.

Cruz also said that some artifacts which serve the function of the console are not in the country, so had to buy them abroad to finish it. The total value of this is estimated at $ 600.

For this version of the ESS includes a monochrome Pong game in which two sidebars trying to dodge a ball. Furthermore Luis is currently working on other applications that allow you to add more games on consoles, such as adventure, platform, racing and more.

Project of the month

In last February, the students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States referred to this project as one of the most outstanding in the community of its network.

Among the qualities highlight the role of movement in the control console, plus the ability to send this information to the TV very quickly. Besides the ability to play sounds. Other users highlighted the ability of the young to create great programming codes for the ESS.

While working to complete, Cross points out that it is a beta version and still needs to be done, like adding colors. Similarly hinted that one of his greatest dreams is to program 3D games today such as seen in next-generation consoles.

Added to this is the inspiration that his parents generated in him day by day, in addition to the online Nintendo games that have always been part of his life. "

Well done, you deserve to be very proud!


March 07, 2010
by lcruz007
lcruz007's Avatar

Hello mcai8sh4! Thanks for posting the translation of the article. :) And thanks for your commentaries as well!

I also mentioned that the NerdKits awarded my project as one of the best projects of the month on the interview, but they just mentioned something about some students from the MIT unfortunately. :p

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