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April 27, 2009
by Turtle
Turtle's Avatar

Happy to add a compliment for both the excellent product and support.

Used to do simular late 80's and early 90's, actually well prior on the old Apple II's. Worked with 8049 and 8085 stuff back then.

Recently decided needed to get back into projects of the type where you can both build and interface to PC USB port.

Hadn't did anything for years there so spent over about a month's time going over several microcontroller kits and learning systems on the Net.

Nerdkits is top of the line in bang for the buck, ease of physically assembing a kit, flexibility as in power to take it further, and a most practical approach for an EZ learning experience useing C language.

Had never used c myself, tho started into Vis express Net recently, but main so far was it's visual design areas.

So when I went over the Nerdkit code examples last night in fact for the temp control, etc, it was so sweet to see how simply, practically and easily digestible it was presented.

The support is prompt, great, and appreciated. Had lost bit of Make file by dumly useing notepad it was in wrap mode and compressed all the lines to one para.

Later opened it in the AVR programmer notebook, and applied the changes Humberto suggested, and was good to go.

It's so rare to find a company that puts out an excellent product, and has a great support philosphy to boot.

Would and will highly recommend to any who want to begin learning in micro controller areas.

Thanks Nerdkit, you are great!

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