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Microcontroller Programming » Programming in C to control a Submarine...

March 03, 2010
by Malicious
Malicious's Avatar

I'm currently working on a personal project where I am creating an ROV of sorts, anywho, I currently have the NerdKit set-up to remotely control a small Wal-Mart R/C car from my keyboard. I fooled around with the PWM explained in the iPhone controlled R/C car, and got that working, then switched it over to a simple on/off for all directions. Now, the issue I am having is thus, the submarine I want to control is much higher quality than the car, and the remote uses two ... I'm not even sure what they're called ... devices that contain an axle which turns when a stick on the remote is moved, this allows for extremely accurate speed control with the sub. How can I program the MCU to replicate this behavior? Is this simple PWM, just done with an analog device? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or want a picture of what I'm talking abut just ask. Thank you in advance

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