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Basic Electronics » Found part, but don't know if I can use it

March 01, 2010
by Solorbob
Solorbob's Avatar

I had an old 1990's VCR that died. I decided to see what parts I could get from it before I tossed it. I ended up with at least 15 buttons, some switches, and etc. I found what looks to be like some type of crystal oscillator, but I can't seem to find any specs for it. It is marked "DS-MAT-419"

I found one website that has the part number, but it is in Spanish. I'm guessing it says

Here is the part

Here's the web site's address.

Here's what the web site says about it.

"QUARZO DS-MAT-419 CLK per VIDEO NB: Prezzo in offerta valido per le quantità giacenti, prodotto disponibile fino ad esaurimento scorte, non più riordinabile"

Could this be useful, or should I trash it?

Thanks, Shawn

March 01, 2010
by bretm
bretm's Avatar

Useful! That's Italian, by the way. I'm going to guess that this is a generic 4.194304 MHz timing crystal. Just like they use 32.768 kHz crystals for clocks because 32768 is a power of 2 and easily divided down by microcontrollers to an accurate 1Hz signal, 4.194304 MHz is even more so. It's 2 to the power of 22, instead of 2 to the power of 15.

March 02, 2010
by Solorbob
Solorbob's Avatar

Thanks. I'll save it then.

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