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Sensors, Actuators, and Robotics » Turn your PC into an Osciloscope!!

March 01, 2010
by Hexorg
Hexorg's Avatar

Hey! I just stumbpled upoon this website! You can use your sound card as an osciloscope! I feel pretty silly for not thinking about it... But anyway, you can download windows version for free, there is a link on that website.

Also, if there is any linux programmer here, I'm thinking to make similar program for linux.

March 01, 2010
JKITSON's Avatar

Thanks for the link to the Scope web site...

Really neat...


April 08, 2010
by ese
ese's Avatar

Is the process used [here] (, as regards the audio jack, the same process needed to make a probe for the pc based oscilloscope mentioned above?

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