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Project Help and Ideas » LED Marquee and Windows Application (C#)

February 05, 2010
by saleem
saleem's Avatar


I have created a windows app in C# that displays/scrolls the current time on the LED Marquee. I am sending data using serial port using C#. If anyone is interested in this application please let me know, I will send the entire windows app as well as the MCU C code for nerdkit. The code is fully commented. Just send me an email.



February 05, 2010
by saleem
saleem's Avatar

my email is

February 05, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

I'd be interested, my marquee is kinda just sitting right now. I haven't played with it since I made it a standalone holiday sign. I'll send you an e-mail with my info.



February 05, 2010
by Solorbob
Solorbob's Avatar

Sure. I've built my array, but i have not had time to do any coding for it. Thx, Shawn

January 05, 2015
by ankush_karche
ankush_karche's Avatar

Hi Saleem,

Could you please send me C# code to

Thanks in advance for your great help.

Regards, Ankush

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