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January 21, 2010
by DogmaticVampyre
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Having spent the last couple of hours with my Nerdkit, I'd just like to thank the Nerdkit guys for their encouragement to take the plunge into MCU's. As described in another thread I have no electronics experience at all. After reading the guide I not only built a working circuit, but gathered some fundamental knowledge on how and why it works.

I was really pleased to find easy to use tools for the Mac (I'm using a macbook pro, Snow Leopard OS) Terminal took me back a decade or two (feeling like i was back doing assembly on a ZX80 chip)

The guide gave me the confidence to build and amend the code provided and the exhilaration of seeing my first code compile and upload was palpable. And then to see it actually work was a pleasure to behold.

Now I know my kit is functional I'm going to play about with a little code to get a handle on bit handling and output to lcd/serial

In the future I want to build a sound reactive mood light, with optional colour patterns control via a remote, I'm a long way off that goal, but as they say its the fun of the journey that counts.

When I initially ordered the kit I had second thoughts (especially after looking at the forums) but a reassuring email from the team convinced me it was worth a try, and now hours after getting the kit the forums begin to make sense.

I already have my shopping list ready for the next batch of components..

Thanks again Nerkit and the community on the forums



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