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Project Help and Ideas » A Whole MESS O' LEDs for $1.26

January 16, 2010
by Phrank916
Phrank916's Avatar

I picked up these two huge bags of completely random LEDs the other day off eBay. One bag I got for a penny and the other went up to 1.25 before I won it. There are so many different kinds of LEDs in these two bags that it's mind-blowing. I don't have a clue yet what I'll do with them, but it's gonna be fun just opening them up and getting them all organized into type, size, etc.


I think the company auctions these random bags all the time. It always starts at a penny. Search eBay for "LEDs grab bag" if you wanna get some for yourself. There is a shipping fee of course so my total for everything was about 15 bucks. I am in no way affiliated with this company or trying to advertise for them or anything, I just thought the NerdKits folks would like the picture. ;)

I'll post in a few weeks when I actually do something with them.


January 20, 2010
by Phrank916
Phrank916's Avatar

Sorry...apparently Facebook dynamically changes the actual direct URL to your pics.

Reposted it to Flickr


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