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Customer Testimonials » Now I'm rollin'

January 15, 2010
by Mike
Mike's Avatar

Mike and Humberto, once I got over the humps of ignorance and bad reading, it worked perfectly.

I finished the tempsensor project and am reading 71.29 F in my computer room.

You guys have done a real bangup job with the nerdkit. I really expected a much more gradual learning curve, but I'm rolling now.

I suspect the rest won't be quite as easy, but with your support and your pdf guide, the original kit and projects were a snap.

I would like to load some images but can't get a handle on it using element inspection of posted pics. How do you load images?

I'm fairly handy so if I can just see how it's done once, I should have it.

Thanks Guys!

January 15, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Placing images in posts is done by 1st saving the image on a server somewhere. I use photobucket.. other people use flikr... Then get the url for the photo you want to post for example in photobucket, it is here:

To post the image above, I just entered:


The URL was just copied and pasted from the field pointed to as the direct link. You MUST place the ![] before your URL in parenthesis. Otherwise it will not post.

That's all there is to it.


January 15, 2010
by Mike
Mike's Avatar

Thanks Rick, I'll try that right away in the 'mounting nedkit' thread.

I was missing the ![]. Doh!

February 21, 2010
by pbfy0
pbfy0's Avatar

the alt text actually goes in the square brackets, so if you wanted to do a picture of a schematic at with the alt text "schematic" you would just do this:


It would turn out something like this:


To see the alt text, you can turn off images.

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