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January 01, 2010
by Farmer
Farmer's Avatar

Ok maybe not official or any thing, but you guys get my vote. Easy to follow guide practically guarantees success. Lots of reference links and topics to investigate. You guys nailed it!!!

Thanks for the best learning experience ever. I can’t say enough good things.

We, my son and I, found it easier to wire components after mounting them to our custom Lego board. Not only functional, but looks pretty cool also.

The perfect marriage

We posted building instructions for the Lego board.

Thanks again, you have a terrific product. Please give us more expansion kits or maybe look into some common household hacks that could be made. I think my wife wants a new toaster anyway... LOL

January 01, 2010
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

This is absolutely PRICELESS!

All these years playing with this kind of stuff, I never imagined something like that.

Perfect combination.

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