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Basic Electronics » Run from USB?

December 27, 2009
by jgauthier
jgauthier's Avatar


I am playing with the basic temperature sensor setup. I understand that there is a voltage regulator that converts anything from 8-35v back into about 5v.

Considering that USB outputs 5V, why couldn't I throw in a capacitor (which is already there) and run this directly from the 5v USB line? I would remove the VR and the 9V battery.


December 27, 2009
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi jgauthier,

You are right, you can use the power from your USB port to power the NerdKit. In fact, in the USB NerdKit (NK003USB) teh cable that is provided brings the power out from the USB Port. Check out Appendix B (page 80) in the NerdKits Guide that takes you through the process to do that.

Be careful when doing this though. When you use a battery the worse you can do is drain a $2 battery. When you bring your computers power supply into the system, the consequences (although still very unlikely) can be more costly.


December 27, 2009
by jgauthier
jgauthier's Avatar

I hadn't made it that far in the guide yet! Great, thanks! I skipped ahead and read that section.

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