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Project Help and Ideas » Massive Colour Screen with pwm

December 25, 2009
by Aceslick911
Aceslick911's Avatar

So.. Just a crazy idea..

say i wanted to make a giant colour screen (red,green,blue) which is all pulse width modulated (can vary the shades) as cheap as possible with the capability of rendering a simple video..

what would I need, how many pixels could it be wide and high and how much could this cost?

December 29, 2009
by markjbenson
markjbenson's Avatar

Oddly enough, this is close to why I bought the nerd kit. I'm aiming for 60 x 30 pixels. It's an ambitious project so I am going to start small 3 x 3 single colour, then PWM, then add the other two colours and go from there. My ultimate aim isn't full colour moving video but could be interesting to figure out if the conversion from something like composite is even possible for the atmega chip - beyond my abilities unfortunately.

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