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Project Help and Ideas » A Nerdkit Text Adventure (Dragon Quest I)

July 14, 2016
by lnino
lnino's Avatar

Hey guys,

finally I got my project finished which took some time and effort.

But now I can show you the final result.

alt image text

I used a the frame of a broken Sega Handheld and put in my own PCBs and a LD44780 display. I configured some custom characters, put in some piezzo sound and all together makes a nice Textadventure in a Nerdkit.

Everyhting has been solved with my Nerdkit so you can do it as well. I used a ATMega328 because the program has 1750 lines of code, so I needed some extra space. I used the whole 32KByte of the memory. On my website you can find everything you need for a build in the download section. (PCB Layout, Code, Libs and Step by Step Tutorial)

The story is about a mighty knight who has to rescue a princess out of a dragons cage. :-) (stereotype)

So if you are interested you can watch the Step by Step Tutorial on my Website.


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