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Project Help and Ideas » Voice Controlled LED Sign

November 04, 2009
by FWSquatch
FWSquatch's Avatar

Finally got my LED array working and decided to have some fun with it. I had it reading feeds and streaming SMS messages and then I got the idea to make it voice controlled!

I use GoogleVoice because it automatically transcribes voicemails. I wrote a python script that checks my voicemails on the GoogleVoice server and any time it sees a voicemail that starts with the word "Message" it updates a text file. That text file is read by another little python script that sends the info to the nerdkit and on to the sign. You have to be really careful when you speak the message because GoogleVoice gets confused pretty easily, but it is definitely usable. It's also got the added bonus of crazy messages from bad transcriptions. In any event, I didn't really expect it to be perfect, I just thought it would be cool to make it work. I have the code if anyone is interested. It's pretty ugly because I'm very new to Python (and programming in general) but at least it works. Here's a video of it in action:

Voice Controlled LED Sign

November 05, 2009
by mrobbins
(NerdKits Staff)

mrobbins's Avatar

Hi FWSquatch,

Awesome video and a really cool project. Wished we had thought of that first! :-P


November 06, 2009
by FWSquatch
FWSquatch's Avatar

I posted a little more explanation and the source code on my blog. You can check it all out here: I cleaned up the code as best I could, but I'm sure it could use some improving. If you see a way to make it better, I'd love to hear about it!

November 09, 2009
by mcai8sh4
mcai8sh4's Avatar

That is fantastic!! Great job!

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