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Basic Electronics » Are there hobby printers for my microproccessor?

April 08, 2014
by jmuthe
jmuthe's Avatar

I am looking for a printer, but not the kind that you hook up to a computer. I am looking for a simple type of printer for the electronic hobbyist that you would hook up to our Atmega microprocessors and print out simple text. Basically, the source code would be written to our ATMEGA chip in a similar way as the LCD that came with the Nerdkit. However, obviously we would write code that would print out text rather than display it on an LCD. Does something like this exist and if so where do I find it?

April 09, 2014
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Sparkfun sells a small cash register type serial printer that can be connected to a micro controller. Other than that, any serial printer (Rs232) could be connected to the microcontroller's UART as long as you used a TTL to serial converter like the MAX232 or similar. Control would be a simple matter of sending the correct codes. Probably a dot matrix printer would be easiest since the ones I've worked with in the past programming from PC's simply accepted standard ASCII to print and CR/LF combos to go to the next line.


June 01, 2014
by lailai
lailai's Avatar

Yep, the thermal printer is really nice. You can pick it up from Adafruit too.

June 02, 2014
JKITSON's Avatar

Hi What is the make & model of the printer? Am looking for one my self. Thanks Jim

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