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Everything Else » GE G35 Christmas Lights

December 31, 2013
by Keyster
Keyster's Avatar

hey Guys, i finally got to put up my G35 lights this year. here are a couple of videos of what they look like. keep in mind my wife did not want me to make them too flashy so i kept it toned down...

YouTube Video 1 YouTube Video 2

here is a VERY generic website of my setup.

My Website

January 01, 2014
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Looks cool, though your wife definitely made you tone it down BigGrin_Green I've often thought of messing with those lights, but I never can seem to pull the trigger for the initial purchase. Those strings are pretty pricey even though they have come down from where they started a few years ago.

So when do you go full synchro with music and lawn lighting... Tongue in Cheek


January 01, 2014
by esoderberg
esoderberg's Avatar


Given the projects on your site, I guess we know who to go to for questions on LEDs and lighting them up with a Nerdkit. Looks good.

January 01, 2014
by Keyster
Keyster's Avatar

Hey Rick,

i know what you mean. the ones i have were $75 (US) but i waited until around Jan 1st to purchase them. they were 70% off at Lowes so I bought a butt load of them. I have 6 or 7 strands (36 light strands not the 50's). Don't think i will go Synchro though. i have a buddy that does that and he has over 20,000 lights (lights, not strands of lights) now and it takes him a month or more to set it all up. i think i am a little A.D.D. and would never get it finished before i moved on to something else. i think i will attempt to make one of the Megatrees next year. not sure if i have enough lights to make a good looking one though but it is a thought.

January 01, 2014
by Keyster
Keyster's Avatar


hehehe, you figured me out. i love playing around with LEDs. i guess you could say i am OCD about the LED.

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