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Support Forum » Compile and Install first program troubleshoot

December 10, 2013
by edwardhl
edwardhl's Avatar


I am trying to get through the temp sensor demo and am at the point where you first compile code (step 10c, pg 43). I found the correct USB port, edited the Makefile program, and found the directory in cmd. However, when I type "make" I get this error:

make: *** NO rule to make target 'intialload.c', needed by 'intialload.hex'. Stop.

I cannot figure out how to get this to work. Does anyone know what I need to do?


December 11, 2013
JKITSON's Avatar


Instead of using the cmd line I use PN (programers notepad) that came with the Nerdkits down load. Use TOOLS then MAKE ALL. This has been the most trouble free for me...


December 12, 2013
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

edwardhl, I believe you are on the wrong path!!

Where is the libnerdkits folder relative to your project folder?

They both have to be under the Code folder!


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