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Basic Electronics » OLED

October 28, 2013
by esoderberg
esoderberg's Avatar

Found an OLED display jameco that can almost be dropped in place of a standard LCD (changed about 4 lines of code for the init sequence) on the Nerdkit. It's a little pricey ($30) so I won't be using it for most projects, but for those cases when easy readability in a variety of lighting conditions matters, this is a nice option. It runs on 3V or 5V equally well.

Gouge for the init: OLED_functions


October 29, 2013
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

I saw those pop up on sparkfun as well, though sparkfun wanted $35 for one. I like the blue display as well. In the photo's they look to have great contrast. Is that the case in real life?

October 29, 2013
by BobaMosfet
BobaMosfet's Avatar

You paid more than twice what I would have charged you for the part. I've had enough of people getting robbed or having problems sourcing parts, in light of the NK essentially being abandoned by the founders.

I've put a post up, in 'Everything Else'.


October 29, 2013
by esoderberg
esoderberg's Avatar


The contrast is outstanding.


At half price, I'd probably put these displays in more of my projects. Hope you get some good feedback from rest of NK community on your site.


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