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Everything Else » Anyone know of anything good, or bad, about these guys?

September 17, 2013
by JimFrederickson
JimFrederickson's Avatar

Has anyone ever used this Company?

I ran across them in the last couple of days, and there are a few things
that am looking at purchasing.

I was just curious if anyone knows anything about them?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, aside from being a Legitimate Company, are they fairly
timely on shipping? (I a specific window to hit, and after that I am
months out!)

September 17, 2013
by Noter
Noter's Avatar

I've bought from them before. Didn't have any problems.

September 17, 2013
by sask55
sask55's Avatar

I have also bought from them several times in the past. They have shipped very promptly. The only issue I have had is very getting any information or details on products. What you see on thier ads is all the information you may ever get about a product. I emailed them a couple of times trying to determine what the copper layer weight (thickness) is on some copper clad PC board they are selling. I never did get any response from them.

September 18, 2013
by JimFrederickson
JimFrederickson's Avatar

Thanks for the information.

The site seems pretty open about the the, apparent, "fact" that alot fo what they sell
they don't have, or don't bother to have, Datasheets/Information for.

That said...

They do have some really good prices on many things, and they have some really esoteric
things as well.

I think for the my current needs I will try them for some of my items.

Most likely I will place the order this week, and will post back how well it seemed to

Thank again everyone.

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