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June 02, 2013
by rolf
rolf's Avatar

My kit came with some extra parts. I have no idea what they are. (1) WM-71 disc shaped two wire (sensor?). (2) Four F8002, 2N, 7000 (transistors?). (3) F630. Looks like the voltage regulator.

June 03, 2013
by wadaltmon
wadaltmon's Avatar

Hello rolf,

The WM-71 is the piezoelectric buzzer, I believe. That should be in your kit.

The 2N7000 transistors are also supposed to be in your kit. They are just simple NPN transistors that could be used as switches or amplifiers.

The F630, as far as I know, is an N-channel MOSFET. Not sure why that one was in your kit.


June 03, 2013
by rolf
rolf's Avatar

Dalton. Thanks much. Rolf

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