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Everything Else » Extra Folder???

May 15, 2013
by Madrasi
Madrasi's Avatar

I have looked through page by page by page on this site and I can not find the "Extra Folder" anywhere. I am tring to find it because it says that is where the 3/4" print to lay out the LED array bourd. I printed one out a while back and it printed out a 5/8" grid instead of a 3/4" and I never got back to finishing the kit and now I can not find the grid to print so can someone please help me find the right page??????


May 16, 2013
by JimFrederickson
JimFrederickson's Avatar

I m not sure that this is available anymore?
(From the Nerdkits site...)

The folder you are looking for is:
"extras folder is inside the source code zip file for the LED Array Kit"

The Source Doe for the LED Array Kit used to be accessible through a link in the "Members", "Download" section.

I have looked and don't see that link.

This site crashed, apparently, awhile back and not all things are where they should be yet.

Maybe someone else has a link, or knows of an alternate location of where this file would be. (It is the Internet so at least one person here has a copy, maybe they can post a link to it.)

Good luck...

May 16, 2013
by JimFrederickson
JimFrederickson's Avatar


"Doe" was supposed to be "Code"...

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