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November 16, 2012
by jonjuan
jonjuan's Avatar

Just got going on the nerdkit. Am a beginner- Is there a step by step page I can review and build it up as I go along? Or am i in over my head

November 16, 2012
by JimFrederickson
JimFrederickson's Avatar

I am not really sure what you are asking.

Are you asking for something more than what is in the Nerdkits guide?
OR Are you just asking about the Nerdkits guide?

Go to the Members Section and then Downloads.
(I would advice sticking with the color version...)

Aside from what is in that guide and on that page there are numerous examples in the Tutorial Section as well.

Does that help?

(Advice, take your time, read carefully, follow the instructions as presented... Usually I find it best to read through 2 times over a couple of days, and then try to follow along with the examples... It is often hard to gather it all in at once, so reading through and not understanding everything sometimes will make things click better when you are trying to follow along...)

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