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Project Help and Ideas » Where to buy GPS modules with different interfaces

November 04, 2012
by fishberg5051
fishberg5051's Avatar

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in purchasing a gps module that has the following features 1) exposes date/time from the satellites ....and of course lat/long/heading etc 2)offers a different interface other than uart. I2c or SPI would be nice.

I've seen some that offer 1 of my requirements but not both and I'm not sure where to look or what best to look for. I've tried, currently looking at one on (vpn1513) but I'm certainly open to suggestions.

I'm using a 1284P for a project and I'm only using one uart port (out of 2) but want to leave the other uart open for future expansion (GSM/CDMA) or debug port. I currently have an sd card on one spi line, but according to my datasheet 3 are supported so I thought I'd go that route if I can. I have a RTC module on my i2c which if the gps module can provide the date/time from the satellites I could remove.

so that is my line of thinking I'd be open to any other suggestions that I haven't mentioned or ones I don't even know about :D

Thanks all for your time and I appreciate any feedback.



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