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Everything Else » Wow, I went to the New York City "MakerFaire"

September 30, 2012
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

If you wanted a sense of what people are "making" there was a ten acre parking lot just jammed with all sorts of interesting things to do, see and desire.

There were thousands of Arduino using sites, just about anyone that had a electronics connection had a arduino somewhere. But there was a lot more lots of hands on instructions like soldering classes.

The best thing besides seeing all that has been done was the discussions going on.

I didn't see anything as fantastic as the FESTO Gull like I saw at the NYC Science Festival but I only spent about three hours there and spent most of my time around the 3D printers (I have got to have one).

If you would like to see the FESTO Gull there is a video on my Facebook page (Ralph Hulslander).

The MakerFaire was like a fair, there were sales but the emphasis was on just showing off what one has done.


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