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Basic Electronics » edX Free MIT online course

September 06, 2012
by nordlys
nordlys's Avatar

MIT is starting a new online offering together with harvard an Stanford I think.

They offer 6.002x Circuits and Electronics course for free.

This course is just starting up now so sign up if you want to learn.

There are other courses as well, mainly computer science related.

You will have to do homework and labs within a deadline. You will be graded. You will get a course certificate at the end.


September 08, 2012
by pcbolt
pcbolt's Avatar

@ nordlys -

Thanks for the heads up. I enrolled yesterday...already have my first homework assignment.

October 29, 2012
by pcbolt
pcbolt's Avatar

@ nordlys -

How did you do on the Midterm Exam?

December 22, 2012
by pcbolt
pcbolt's Avatar

Just finished the MIT 6.002x "Electronics and Circuits" course and wanted to give a summary of the experience to anyone considering taking the course in the future (it is listed in the offered Spring 2013 curriculum - no start date as yet).

  • First, it's free. The originators of the whole EDx concept are experimenting with giving anyone with access to a computer free, quality education at the college level. This means people can take the courses without risk of losing money if they fail, so even if you have just a passing interest, you've got nothing to lose by enrolling.

  • Second, it's very well done. The video lectures, interactive homework/tests, and especially the circuit labs (similar to Mike's site) make the experience fun and I found myself looking forward to each week's course load.

  • Third, it's challenging. I couldn't believe how rusty my college calculus had gotten and even some of my algebra. The middle portion of the semester was math heavy, but still focused on the electronic side of things. Fortunately, some of the videos at the great Khan Academy Website helped refresh my memory. The homework/tests/labs all helped solidify the subject matter way more than the lectures.

  • Fourth, it's satisfying brain food. It felt pretty good figuring out a complicated circuit and coming up with the right answer.

Granted your won't become an instant EE when your done, but you'll be a lot less intimidated by a schematic in the future.

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