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Microcontroller Programming » Orange blinking light on AVRISP mkII

July 02, 2012
by rmore
rmore's Avatar

Hello All,

I am having some problems connecting the AVRISP mkII to my target board. I was able to use the AVRISP mkII to flash code onto the ATmega8 and ATmega168 chips till recently. But suddenly the programmer is not working although I do not see where I could be going wrong.

Please see attached pictures and try to help me out here.

Picture 572 572 shows you my circuit board. It shows 5V regulated thru the regulator. Shows the VCC and Gnd connected from the bus.

Picture 574 574 shows how I will be connecting the programmer to my circuit board: Red wire goes to Pin7 (VCC). Yellow wire goes to pin 17 (MOSI). Black wire goes to Pin8 (Gnd). Blue wire goes to Pin 18 (MISO) Green wire goes to Pin 19 (SCK) Red wire with paper chit goes to Pin 1 (Reset)

Picture 575 575 shows the programmer connected to the circuit. It shows a orange blinking light. I do not understand how to make the programmer work again.

Please help.


July 03, 2012
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

I can't speak directly for the AVRISP, but many programmers provide voltage to the circuit and don't need an external source. Try disconnecting the battery and see if your programmer does. Programmer wiring sounds correct from what I can see.

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