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Support Forum » Nerdkit Guide Change?

September 04, 2009
by herbroy
herbroy's Avatar

Hi Guys, I have really been enjoying the learning process. I wanted to pass on the fact that the reference to Make files is no longer available. I think the folks at "How Stuff Works" probably cover it pretty well(accept it focuses on unix)but i have not seen the Hawaii version so i wouldn't know. You may want to update the Nerdkit Guide. Thanks herbroy

February 04, 2010
by sepeters
sepeters's Avatar

Hi Guys, I found another change needed in the NerdKit Guide... The following line on page 46 needs to be updated with the correct information, the complete and skeleton files are called the same but now one is in an _edu folder. "In case you get stuck, we have also included tempsensor_template.c which contains the full working code."

February 04, 2010
by sepeters
sepeters's Avatar

OK, I hope you don't hate it that I'm posting these but I'm gonna post all the errors I find in the nerdkit guide so you can track the changes needed. Page 47 "and functions for waiting specified amounts of time <util/delay.h>" doesn't agree with the code above where it has in the code sample image '#include "../libnerdkits/delay.h"' the second of which actually matches the sample code.

=}----- Steve

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