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Microcontroller Programming » Vsync Hsync, how to program them correctly

April 14, 2012
by Akeshish
Akeshish's Avatar

Hello everyone,

Im trying to program a VGA display. Im having trouble understanding the concept of Vsync and Hsync. I understand what they are used for to sync the row and col to show a none distorted image.

The trouble im having is understand the timing.

For example lets say i have a clock of 25 Mhz that generates my sync timing. Now each pixel in one row needs roughly 31.77 u Seconds to display an color before it moves on to the next pixel. Once the first row is displayed (640 by 480).

And so on, the thing im having trouble with is understanding how to actually sync my row with my col.

Thank you.

April 14, 2012
by Akeshish
Akeshish's Avatar

I think i figured it out, my logic on how Hsync and Vsync operation was skewed. Hsync produces the time for all the pixels, while Vsync is the timing for each frame.

Is this correct?

April 14, 2012
by pcbolt
pcbolt's Avatar

Akeshish -

I'm no expert on this but there is a bunch of info and more links Here.

April 16, 2012
by Akeshish
Akeshish's Avatar


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