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Support Forum » Need help with LCD stuck pin issue!

April 06, 2012
by rmore
rmore's Avatar

Hello All,

Does anybody know how to take out a small part of pin stuck inside a LCD port? I was trying to pull out a wire from the LCD port and one wire left a piece of metal inside the port. It is stuck in there and I cannot pry it out.

Is there any smart way of taking out the pin without damaging the LCD? Or should I just say goodbye to the LCD? It is the VDD port of LCD and I cannot use the LCD now without taking out the metal piece since I cannot insert another wire into this port.

Please help me out with this silly issue.



April 06, 2012
by rmore
rmore's Avatar

Never mind guys...I chipped off a bit of plastic from the port and took the stuck metal out (Not a nice way to do the job) but it worked.

Now i hope my LCD lasts longer!

Thanks for reading.

And please still give a more elegant way of handling this situation if you know how to.

April 06, 2012
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Actually sounds like a elegant solution.

I've even used my soldering iron to melt away the plastic which really stank up the house.


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