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Customer Testimonials » My NerdKit Saved My Life!

August 19, 2009
by Nerdful_com
Nerdful_com's Avatar

I just adore this barebone breadboard developer kit!

I am a middle aged man (almost 40) looking for a new hobby that had something to do with computers, robotics and programming. This seems like the great little escape I needed and even my 4 year old son is fascinated with some of the silly sample projects I have made. I showed my wife the traffic light project I made a week ago on my own without source code (I was pretty proud of myself), she laughed and said "So that that cost 85 bucks? Walmart has a whole train set with working lights for 20!". She doesn't get it and doesn't see the potential or the fun in doing it yourself. This kit gives me the same feeling I used to get playing with Lego as a young child (with a touch or a nerdy feel).

NerdKit's guide is awesome (basically a PDF book on intro to embedded programming), it was great for getting me making my first sample demo project (a digital thermometer that outputs to LCD or PC) step by step and told me why I was adding each component and what it did. Their videos are fun to watch and most have source codes to play with. I am glad I got this kit instead of an Arduino clone (the NerdKit feels more pure and innocent)! At first I was a bit frustrated, but I do not know C language (pro with Visual Basic, PHP, ASP), nor do I know electronics and I wanted to know everything in the first few days. Now I am getting the hang of it! If you already know C coding, you are already head of me.

Barebone AVR Nerdkit

Check out what I have been doing with my kit on!

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