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Microcontroller Programming » Running 2 MCUs in parallel

January 28, 2012
by DS1000
DS1000's Avatar

Hello, I am thinking this is not possible but am wondering if I can run 2 x ATmega 168s in parallel from the one USB-serial converter. I am thinking of each one having a different program running and setting outputs either hi or lo according to which charcter is sent from the PC. If I take the Tx and Rx lines that ordinarily wire in to 1 MCU and wire them into a second MCU as well then maybe both MCUs will receive the same communication. Maybe the Rx line would be a problem so I could only wire it in to the "primary" MCU? has anyone tried this before? thanks David

January 28, 2012
by BobaMosfet
BobaMosfet's Avatar


Go ahead. There is no reason that you cannot wire two ATMEGA168s in parallel to receive input from the same USB serial converter. Just limit the current to 4mA on each input, so both MCUs don't sink too much from the converter.


January 29, 2012
by DS1000
DS1000's Avatar

Thanks BM,

I will try. To limit the current, Would it be a good idea to limit the current with a non-inverting darlington array between the USB serial converter and the input pins of the 2 MCUs?

regards David

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