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Project Help and Ideas » Custom remote (Part 2)

January 05, 2012
by Dmnelson
Dmnelson's Avatar

Some of you may remember my attempt at making a custom remote for my grandmother. I have given up on using the telephone keypad as the contacts got damaged and it was generally being more complicated than it needed to be.

However, I have hit another snag. I built and programmed the kit to sense IR pulses. When I went to get the satellite codes, I didn't get the same code twice. Upon inspection of the remote, I noticed it had two IR LED's.

Any idea's on what is going on here?

January 06, 2012
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

HI Dmnelson,

My guess is they have IR LEDs to double the power being emitted, not because they are doing anything fancy sending data across two different LEDs. This is just a guess though, I could be wrong. I'm sure you can find some reference online as to what you are supposed to be getting for certain button presses, then you can compare that against what you are seeing on your receiver end.


January 06, 2012
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar


I'm doing a similar project but I'm just controlling my samsung TV. Keyster made a interesting ir remote for his samsung tv that works great for me. The MCU is generating a 38kHZ signal with a code for each different tv function such as power and vol up and vol down. You might wanna see if you can find codes for the Dish network remote. I used to have dish network and the remote did have 2 IR emitters. But I think it was just for more amplification of the IR.

This might be of some help to you for programming the diffrent hex codes into your code. Also check each LED with a scope if you can to see if they contain the same pattern. Hope this helps!


January 07, 2012
by treymd
treymd's Avatar

Is said remote a learning remote? Is there a possibility that it is not 2 IR emitters but in fact 1 IR emitter and 1 IR detector?

January 07, 2012
by Dmnelson
Dmnelson's Avatar

Actually, it may be a learning remote. I suppose it is a kind of universal remote.

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