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Project Help and Ideas » Homebrew Radio Transceivers

December 10, 2011
by huzbum
huzbum's Avatar

I am currently working on a series of projects related to radios, and I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in implementing low power serial radio communication with the nerdkit?

I've constructed a single transistor regenerative receiver on a solderless breadboard in the 7MHz band. It receives signals from all over the world. I've also figured out that I can make it transmit an estimated 2-watt CW signal at the tuned frequency by over-regenerating it.

I'm currently working on a frequency meter built with the nerdkit to calibrate and monitor the frequency the radio is running at.

I am thinking if I make 2 radios tuned to the unlicensed 27MHz or 49MHz band with a low power output (< 1 watt), with some filtering we could send serial data back and forth short distances to the nerdkit with CW modulation.

Anybody interested? Have any input/suggestions?

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