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Microcontroller Programming » How to convert serial data from uart_read() to const char*

November 22, 2011
by saleem
saleem's Avatar


I have a function as below "do_simple_display()" in it I am reading char using uart_read(). I want to call the function scroll_display(const char *s) how do I convert or make a string to pass to scroll_display() function?



void do_simple_display() { ledarray_blank(); uint8_t offset = 0; char x = ' ';

while(1){ x = uart_read(); if(x == 'z'){ ledarray_blank(); offset = 0; } else { //render the charater we just got font_display(x,offset);

// I want to build my string here

  //adjust the offset for the next character
  offset += font_width(x)+1;


//then call scroll_display(my string) }

void scroll_display(const char *s) {


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