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Basic Electronics » Help!!! my grades are in jeopordy

November 07, 2011
by Heed
Heed's Avatar

I cannot find the initialload.c file at working on windows and i downloaded everything except Nerdkits Sample source me please

November 07, 2011
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Posting similar messages in 3 different topics will not get your questions answered any more quickly Eek While the people here are genarally quite helpful, we don't live here, and there may be times hours will go by w/o a response.

You say you downloaded everything EXCEPT the Nerdkits sample source code?? Confused

Why didn't you download that? It contains the very code you are looking for.

Also, your homework is not our responsibility, while we may help if need be, you will have to make an effort. This community is built on a learn as you do mentality, so don't ask for us to do your project for you... (BTW, that is advice I gave my own son thru High School)

Oh, Welcome Sign to the forums.


November 07, 2011
by Heed
Heed's Avatar

My laptop wouldnt allow me 2 view the file so i just downloaded another thing and ive found the file...also the reason i posted in other forums was due 2 the fact i noticed that different forums were designed specifically 4 certain topics so thought id posted my question in the wrong 1

and i appreciate the advice

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