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Project Help and Ideas » Wireless Gtalk project

October 05, 2011
by scottmc94
scottmc94's Avatar

OK, we were just running ideas around at lunch today at what things could be done with a NK, and an idea came up after watching the PS2 keyboard video.

Use the NK, LCD, Keyboard and ???? to wireless send messages to other people in the office. So the idea would be 3 or 4 of us would all have the same setup and we could type messages to each other wirelessly.

Is the Xbee the right add-on to get this accomplished or is there a different way we should be looking at this? Is this going to be obscenely hard for n00bs? I thought it sounded like a fun project.

Thoughts, comments?

October 05, 2011
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar

Hi scottmc94,

That sounds like a cool project. Here is a post on another nerdkitter who bought a couple of these rf transceivers and he said that they work great over uart. I'm assuming you just plug them right into the uart port of your microcontroller and operate it just as if you were communacating with a computer Hope this helps. I haven't used those yet but I want to buy the pair. I think they are a little cheaper than xbees. Keep us posted!


October 07, 2011
by scottmc94
scottmc94's Avatar

Thanks for the reply missle3944! Those transceivers look like they will work.

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