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Microcontroller Programming » Basic Makefile Help

September 29, 2011
by swragg
swragg's Avatar

I would like to know the significance of ../ in makefiles

does this mean look two folders up from current folder

( I am guessing that a folder is the same as a directory)

I have been struggling uploading Tempsensor (I have posted in support forum)

I am using a mac with lion

I did manage to get initailload to work

I now seem to be struggling with making libnerdkits available

Thanks in anticipation


September 29, 2011
by bretm
bretm's Avatar

not 100% sure on mac but on windows ../ is one folder up and ../../ would be two folders up.

September 29, 2011
by swragg
swragg's Avatar

Thanks bretm

thats really helpful


October 06, 2011
by Mindale
Mindale's Avatar

Yep, just to confirm, ../ means go up a folder so for example in the line:


means go up one level from the current directory and then go into the libnerdkits folder. So in my case, from the tempsensor folder (where the Makefile is located) we are moving up into the nerkits code folder then into the libnerdkits folder

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