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Basic Electronics » Something fast and with a lot of memory...

August 31, 2011
by Hexorg
Hexorg's Avatar

Hey guys! Long time no see! I hope everyone is doing great!

I have a project to make... And it will require another graphics output. It's probably going to be 7colors, 640x370 pixels. I'm not sure where to start... I need to choose the microcontroller, and drivers for the LEDs... I could use shift-registers again... But 370 LEDs?! O_O I'd go over the size with that! Would anyone happen to know a better IC?

Now, the microcontroller... It'd be preferable if I could store a .jpg or .png somewhere, and output that... I can use SD card in spi mode for storage, but MCU would have to convert it to raw image, and supply the data to the drivers.. that's A TON of data! I don't think AVRs have anything that fast and with enough RAM... What would be a suited MCU for such a task? (Preferably the one that you can program in C)

Thank you all so much! Stan.

September 01, 2011
by bretm
bretm's Avatar

Somebodyposted a liink a couple of months ago for a graphical display with an SD card reader and driver built in to it. Put your images on the card and then the mcu just needs to tell it which image to draw.

September 01, 2011
by Hexorg
Hexorg's Avatar

Well that's the trouble, the screen is built by me... hm.. Maybe I can spy on the driver names and use that

September 15, 2011
by BobaMosfet
BobaMosfet's Avatar

Hmmmmm..... something fast, with a lot of memory- sounds like a "loose lawyer".



September 16, 2011
by 6ofhalfdozen
6ofhalfdozen's Avatar

I was thinking.... an elephant with a go-cart??

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