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Microcontroller Programming » Can't print to the PC screen using PuTTY

August 20, 2011
by oderusurungus666
oderusurungus666's Avatar

I'm sure that I'm overlooking something simple, but I can't get anything to print to the PuTTY screen. I'm using Windows 7 and have verified the COM Port settings in PuTTY match the COM Port settings in the Device Manager. It won't let me download a program to the controller with PuTTY running, so there is some sort of connection.

I'm using the command: printf_P(PSTR("In:%.2frn"), flCalc);

Nothing is happening. What am I missing here?

August 20, 2011
by oderusurungus666
oderusurungus666's Avatar

Never mind, I got it. Figures I would spend a few hours without getting anything, then I see it a couple minutes after I post. Sorry.

Posted in the wrong section anyway...

November 02, 2011
by bl00513
bl00513's Avatar

Hi, How did you get this to work? I too am trying to send text to putty, and I am a little lost.

November 03, 2011
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi bl00513,

To send text to putty you first need to set up putty to do serial communications with your chip. Check out our servo squirter tutorial, down in the Serial Communications section. After putty is setup and connected you should be able to print out characters from your chip and see then in putty.


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