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Microcontroller Programming » Weird OSX compiling problem

July 13, 2011
by gcharris
gcharris's Avatar

Ok this has really thrown me for a loop today.

I all of my avr development on my windows desktop. Earlier today I tried to get compiling and code flashing working on my Macbook pro running leopard. I copied over my source code directory (plus nerdkit libs etc) I got it working, but there is a really weird problem.

I found that when I try to flash the avr from my mac it works perfectly fine but ONLY if the various .o files and .hex files were present from when it was compiled earlier on my windows machine.

If I delete these .o and .hex files (which forces the compiler to compile them) the resulting flash renders the avr unresponsive (ie blank lcd screen). However, there are zero errors when compiling (no path issues) and for all intents and purposes it looks just fine from the terminal.

Also nothing has been changed in the source code or Makefile except for changing the serial port path.

Any ideas?

July 13, 2011
by gcharris
gcharris's Avatar

Figured it out. Turns out I was using version 3 of the compiler rather than version 4.

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