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Project Help and Ideas » LED Array / Tetris

July 24, 2009
by depg
depg's Avatar

I have completed my first project with the nerdkit. I created a 10x16 LED array using the same principles that were used in the marquee display. I added the basics from a Tetris game I wrote a long time ago. I have 2 pins left on the chip to use for some form of user control. Since I am not sure how I am going to do that yet I have added a basic AI to play the game to verify that everything was working.

Any Ideas for sending 6 inputs into 2 pins?

A few problems I ran into: - The function random() would have some interesting effects on the processer after about 2 hours, ended up replacing with a much more basic pseudo random. - Ran out of space when I first attempted to added the AI to the code.

Source code can be grabbed here

Videos here

July 24, 2009
by rajabalu21
rajabalu21's Avatar

Excellent! Good Job.

About using 2 pins for 6 inputs (I am assuming you mean some push button inputs to control the game.)

You can use the ADC pins to use a resistor network to read multiple switches. Please see this Tips & Tricks. See Tip #5. Even though this tip was for Microchip's PIC micro controller, the basic principle is the same. You may also want to review Tip #7.

July 24, 2009
by jbremnant
jbremnant's Avatar

nice, this is hot!

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