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Basic Electronics » 4 Channel Voltage and Current Monitor

June 10, 2011
by gcharris
gcharris's Avatar

I've finally finished the design for my current shunt monitor. It will support up to 4 channels max 60V 50A on each channel. The design will dump data via serial to the computer as well as a 20x4 char LCD. I/O also includes three buttons and two status LED's.

The only parts not included are the current shunt resistors (75mv at 50A) which will be connected via the WAGO screw terminals in the design. (oh btw the micro is a atmega328 not 8 as listed.. but they are pin compatible so w/e)

I'd really appreciate it any of you could take a quick look at it and give me your thoughts.

The schematic is here

June 11, 2011
by BobaMosfet
BobaMosfet's Avatar

Fascinating. Very nice design.

I'm curious what you're using the EEPROM for? The rest seems fairly straightforward.


June 15, 2011
by gcharris
gcharris's Avatar


I'm using the EEPROM for basic datalogging... ie total power measured for each for channel at say one minute or 5 minute intervals. Realtime to the second measurements will be via serial port.

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