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Microcontroller Programming » LED Array Programming Help Needed

May 05, 2011
by cantuchthis1
cantuchthis1's Avatar

Okay, I am using the LED Array as my Senior project for school (high school). I currently have the entire physical setup done and working, because the test program lights up every LED. That part wasn't so bad. Now, I can't figure out how to program the Array to scroll text across it. My main goal would be to get RSS Feeds to work with it. I just don't understand any of the programming part of the kit. I wouldn't know how to enter text, change text or anything. Can anyone help?

May 05, 2011
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi cantuchthis1,

My suggestion is to slow down a little and take your time with the project. Learning can't necessarily happen on a deadline (or at least you certainly wont enjoy it). Programming can be hard, but the LED Array Guide does build up from the test program to displaying static letters, and then to sending scrolling messages over the serial port. If you are having trouble understanding a specific part of the guide or code, let us know, we would be glad to help.


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