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Basic Electronics » ADC Theremin Help...

April 20, 2011
by jasongillikin
jasongillikin's Avatar

I made a theremin type thing with a 1Kohm slide resistor and a 1K ohm resistor... everything works great, except the higher the pitch (higher the resistance on the slide resistor= more volts to ADC = more steps...) the lower the volume out...

and it only does it when I put the signal through my PC speakers and sound card... the Piezo buzzer works fine... I am thinking maybe impedance matching... how do I solve this problem??? would an push pull transistor amp work?

oh yeah, I don't have any type of volume controll yet... still working on learning PWMs but hopefully I can get it done this week.

also, is there a tutorial on wave forms? and how to add overtones to the notes... square waves get on my nerves after a while

thanks for the help... Jason

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