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Customer Testimonials » NerdKits ftw!

April 09, 2009
by lcruz007
lcruz007's Avatar

First of all, I want to thanks Humberto and Mike for opening these forums, it's a good chance to request help from other users that uses the NerdKits, helping others and as well as sharing our testimonials. This is a good opportunity of knowing other people that uses the NerdKits and people interested in the electronics and the digital world, this way we all learn from other's experiences.

I want to share with you a little about me and how the NerdKit have helped me understanding better about embedded systems. I live in Honduras, I'm 16 years old, still a high school student. So I apologize for my English. I have always been interested in the informatics, so decided to start studying some programming languages to create computer softwares. I have around one year of experience programming with C and C++, but most of my programs were simple arithmetic text applications, and very few GUI programs. After programming for a while, however, I had to quit temporary due to the lack of time. I was reading about embedded systems one day, and loved the idea of programming these integrated circuits called microcontrollers to interact with the real world, often with real time constaints. I didn't have any experience with electronics at all before using the nerdkits. With the few information I got by reading about embedded systems, I realized that the NerdKits was the best kit on the internet for a novice like me. But the kit have been even better of what I expected!

While playing around with the nerdkits, (Considering the few time I have had it) I have learned a lot of electronics and I was able to keep practicing again programming with the C language, this time with a low-level understanding. With what I now know about electronics, I have been able to develop other electronic circuits besides the projects with the MCU, and I am always learning new stuff.

Using this kit have made me gain more interest in the electronics field and the informatics, and also have helped me understand more about how digital devices work. It's kinda hard to find stores that sell electronic components and sources/places to learn about embedded systems in my country, however, with the useful tool of the internet and with the NerdKits, learning new things of what I like to do have been possible for me.

Considering all what I have learned until now, the NerdKits was even better as promised, therefore, I do not regret choosing the Nerdkit as my start point. And this has been possible because of the great and efficient support, as well as the excellent and clear documentation they provide.

Definitely, NerdKits ftw! :p

Luis Cruz

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