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Everything Else » Which Soldering Station?

March 20, 2011
by dgikuljot
dgikuljot's Avatar

Hey guys, I have been working with electronics for a few years now, but when it came to soldering i used a cheap pen type soldering iron. Now i want to buy a soldering station, but dont know much about them. Im looking for somehting that is good quality and will last a while, something that can easily handle smd and through hole components and if possible be under a 100 dollars. What stations do you guys recommend.

March 22, 2011
by missle3944
missle3944's Avatar

Hi dgikuljot,

I reccomend a soldering station that is tempurature controlled such as a weller. I think they run around $90 and they stay at constant temperature. The one that I use, thats my dad's, is a Weller soldering station similar to this one here. this one also has temp control and it has some good reviews -missle3944

March 23, 2011
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

I agree with missle3944, in that you definitely want to get a quality temperature controlled soldering station. I have a Weller WD1001 85W station and it is great. I know it's a bit above the price range you stated. Weller does make lower end temp controlled models though. I'd recommend a reputable brand like Weller with temperature control and the largest wattage iron you can afford. The reason for the higher wattage is so you have the power needed to quickly heat ground planes without pulling all the heat from the iron. The temperature control will allow you to maintain the proper heat for the job... a little hotter for lead free stuff or a little cooler if desired for leaded solders or sensitive devices.

The iron missle recommended also comes in a digital readout flavor for a little more money. I like the temp readout over a dial, but that is my preference.


March 23, 2011
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

If you can save a $100.00 for a soldering iron you can save $200.00 for a Reflow station with adjustable soldering iron with "easily available" soldering iron tips.

Something like this Aoyue for $169.00.

Whatever you get make sure you can get replacement tips, sometimes getting a bargain off ebay is a end of line discontinued device with hard to find tips.


March 23, 2011
by dgikuljot
dgikuljot's Avatar

Hey Guys, Thanks for all the tips. I ordered the Komec 936. At the time i ordered no one had replied to the post. So the Komec 936 is like a remake of the Hakko 936. I read alot of reviews and peopole say it is a good iron and it cost 56.99 with shipping.

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