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Project Help and Ideas » using multiple MCU's

February 27, 2011
by Nichben
Nichben's Avatar

I'm building a NIMH battery charger and almost finished it. I'm using the ADC on my Atmega 168 to detect the voltage from the batteries. The program detects the peak voltage and when reached or just passed, discontinues the charging and displays that the batteries are charged. My question is that I'd like to incorporate a second MCU to monitor the temperature of the batteries during charging to avoid overheating the batteries. My first inclination is to run the two simultaneously and independently. Use the interrupt from the temp sensing one to interrupt the other MCU that's doing the charging. The latter could branch to a subroutine to turn the charger off. Any ideas about using multiple MCU's? Can one accept data from another besides the interrupt? In this case the temperature measuring MCU can output data to the charging one and then send the interrupt for the latter one to read the data, in this case the temperature. Does this sound doable? I've seen other posts about multiple MCU's but they didn't describe how to do this in much detail. Pease also point me in the direction to a post or video describing how to use interrupts. Thanks.

February 27, 2011
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

Why use multiple mcu's when you could read the voltage and temp with one?


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